Aftermath "Affy" from Megabuilt Bullies vs. Ellis Fancy from Ellis Bloodlines

Bitcoin has quickly become our Second to NONE. Blessing us with her strong, dominant and independent female presence. She is our first Merle and Tri Carrier in the family. She captures everyones attention by displaying her good looks inherited from her father/sire "Aftermath". With a pedigree containing Juggernaut, Kekoa and Shockwave she is destine to take over the world and make it hers. Her joyful and peaceful temperament amongst other dogs is one we strive for. 

  • Weight - 125lbs 

  • Height - 22' Tall at the withers

  • D.O.B. - 02/10/17

  • Favorite thing to do - Strut what her momma gave her

A33795E7-B88C-4463-B573-EEF87ECC3F45 2.JPG

Brink's CashCow

Brink's TYSON X Brink's BITCOIN

Brink's CashCow was a result of love between our first to bullies. She came to us through visualization and prayers. You see, no one expected us to have a tri-merle from this breeding. But we believed in our research and the love we had implanted in these two would bless us beyond our wishes. Watching CashCow develop has been a treat. Carrying her mothers maternal instincts and father protective demeanor has made her a perfect fit for our family. 

  • Weight - 116lbs 

  • Height - 20.5' Tall at the withers

  • D.O.B - 09/27/19

  • Favorite thing to do - Cuddle just like her dad.

Snapseed 32.JPG

Bossy's IVORY of Brink Bullies

Bossy's Mr.GOODBAR X Bossy's Nilla Blanco

Ivory has been special since the day we met. We met Ivory at 7-8 months old while she was cared and owned by a friend of ours. Although I have never been a fan of white dogs. We instantly made a offer that was quickly declined at the time. This only made me want her more seeing her potential, structure, spread and pedigree. I knew then she will one day be ours and knew exactly what we will be doing with her. She now part of the Brink's family and does not leave my sight. She is one very athletic, fast and muscled female but also extremely sweet and obedient.

  • Weight - 123lbs 

  • Height - 21' Tall at the withers

  • D.O.B - 

  • Favorite thing to do - be my shadow

Brink's Ch.KoKo.jpg
Brink's Ch.KoKo.jpg

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Brink's Ch.KoKo.JPG
Brink's Ch.KoKo.JPG

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Brink's Ch.KoKo.jpg
Brink's Ch.KoKo.jpg

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Brink's Ch. KoKo

Bossy's Brixx RTP's Dream

KoKo captured our full attention instantly one day while surfing the web on facebook. She had been posted as part of a discussion of adult XL females. right away we contacted the former owner and expressed our admiration for her and interest. She was residing in Hawaii at the moment and the former owner truly had no interest in letting her go. But life has a funny way of working itself out. We stayed in communication. After trying numerous times 6 months later the stars aligned and we welcomed one we consider our secret weapon in to the Brink's pack. KoKo delivers a very compact look with man like features. Her character is unmatched loving you to pieces but demanding authority at all times. She has quickly become a favorite of ours and a major asset. 

  • Weight - 108lbs 

  • Height - 19' Tall at the withers

  • D.O.B - 

  • Favorite thing to do - is jump around in the yard 


GHB Violet of Brink Bullies

Bossy's Wonka GHB Kandie Kane

Our Violet came to us by pure luck. It was a result of building relationships and nurturing them. You see we had been wanting to add something from Wonka for quite sometime because we loved his production and head shape. And here came Violet, one of the sweetest dogs. We are happy to have her as part of our program being one of the most conditioned dogs we have ever seen. This girl is ripped and her agility is unmatched. Not to mention she has the best recall in our yard. She is one playful soul full of joy. 

  • Weight - 110lbs 

  • Height - 21.5' Tall at the withers

  • D.O.B - 

  • Favorite thing to do - is jump around in the yard 


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