Updated: Aug 6, 2021

This might just be a topic of conversation when it comes to purchasing a puppy. What is the difference between a pet home vs. breeding rights. A frequently asked question and one open to confusion. We will try explaining the differences and circumstances as too were it would apply.

Let’s start from the beginning -

What are some characteristics of a good quality and healthy puppy.

As a responsible breeder there will be a time were you will have to decided wether all, none or just some of the puppies are a correct representation of the breed and your vision. You will often find breeders who are only in it for the money and it will show in their care/contribution to the breed as a whole. These breeders will lack when it comes to educating the customer and further pushing the breeds knowledge and awareness. You will also come across those who are responsible enough to recognize that NOT all puppies are meant to be bred.

When it comes to determining wether or not a puppy/dog is breeding quality you should further take into accountability any flaws from minor to large and health conditions. ***PET HOME dogs doesn’t always mean that there is something wrong with the dog.*** At times a breeder can choose to only sell its dogs as pet homes do to availability, customers budget and its brand conservation.

Common American Bully Flaws include and are not limited to -

  1. High Rear

  2. Overbite or Underbite

  3. Feet toeing inward or outward (often referred to East-West feet)

  4. Snipey muzzle

  5. Sway back

  6. Bowed front legs

  7. Splayed feet or Flat feet (this often can be corrected)

  8. Cow Hocks

  9. Kinked, short, long or twisted tail.

This are just some of the flaws taken into consideration as a whole when rating a puppy. There are quality dogs who might display one of these flaws but as whole are a great representation of the breed and one you can breed with correction in mind.

Breeding Rights -

Breeding Rights is pretty self explanatory. These are full rights given when purchasing a puppy and/or adult dog allowing you to breed as you please. This will be recognized with the registered Kennel such as UKC, ABKC, BRC and others.

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